Call Speak Name Announcer

Call Speak Name Announcer

Call Speaking Name Announcer told you the name of the person who is calling.

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Call Speaking Name Announcer told you the name of the person who is calling.
Caller Name Announcer speaks everything while someone calls or sends a message, identify themselves with looking out of your smartphone.
Caller Name Announcer uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to speak the name of the caller or SMS sender name and contents of incoming SMS.
Call Speaking Name Announcer talk to you the name of the caller and the names of incoming SMS senderwhich helps identify your caller reverse phone lookup without taking a look at your cell phone.
Set voice speed so easy to understand voice. Set Voice Pitch to change tone of voice like male or female Customize message set before contact name and after contact name for eg. Hello Jon Doe Calling Check how it speak out by “Test Voice” feature of app.
If you're on the phone while driving or riding you'll get penalty points, a craigs list fine and you could be prosecuted and disqualified.
So what is the solution ?
With Call Speaking Name Announcer is highly applicable in a situation as if you are driving and your phone is in your pocket or someone sends you a text message while the smart phone is in another room.
Caller Name Talker has some extra features :
✔ Application settings easy to enable / disable the feature.
✔ Enable / disable only incoming SMS sender name.
✔ Enable or disable this feature for incoming text messages too.
✔ Call Speaking Name Announcer add Caller's name if it exists in the contacts.
✔ Advertise unknown number if the name does not exist in the contacts.
✔ Disable Announce while the silent option is available.
✔ Easy to Navigate.
✔ Beautiful Design.
✔ Call Speaking Name Announcer you can enjoy it for free.
If someone calls you with unknown phone number you can search in public information. Search the whitepages in the U.S., or use a search engine to find your own area's public database.

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